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marvelous remains

December 16, 2022 - March 15, 2023
A photographic exhibition of Gaetano Gambino

curated by Domenico Amoroso, Roberta Carchiolo, Aldo Premoli

Cultural project produced by 
Mediterranean Sicily Europe 


Civic Museum of Noto

E. Pirrone Contemporary Art Gallery

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 149 - Noto (SR)

"Marvelous remains" is a photographic exhibition which is the result of many years of research carried out in the most secluded corners of churches, disused monasteries, historic houses, private collections and museums. In Noto as in Catania. Works from the past which, having changed the function for which they were intended, freed from their creator, they have nevertheless acquired a surprising vital force. Marvelous remains is an investigation conducted in a universe parallel to ours usually ignored, exiled, confined to another dimension. It is inhabited by unusual life forms which, like dark matter, reveals by interacting with the light coming from black holes, have been captured by the eye of Gaetano Gambino.Ally of time, of waiting, of light and shadow, accustomed to living with derelict and shining vestiges, his flint has revealed the invisible essence, the dark matter that inhabits infinite spaces in infinite times, he showed its breath, its gravitational effects, its luminous trail. His photographs have thus freed the voices, they have redeemed the forms, of "things" that not seen they exist, not understood they mean, excluded they resist. 

Marvelous Remains is a communication project straddling art history, contemporary art and archeology. It was born from the happy collaboration between the Civic Museum of Noto and the Mediterranean Sicily Europe Association. 



Dates 16 December 2022 - 15 March 2023.

It can be visited every day from Monday to Sunday.


  • ticket Medieval section and "E. Pirrone" gallery full price: € 4.00;

  • ticket Medieval section and "E. Pirrone" gallery reduced: € 3.00, groups of 6+ people e over 65;

  • ticket for the medieval section and the "E. Pirrone" gallery: € 3.00, students and residents;

  • full price Augmented Reality ticket: € 8.00;

  • Reduced Augmented Reality ticket: € 5.00, groups of6+ people e over 65;

  • Reduced Augmented Reality ticket: €4.00, students and residents.

  • full single ticket: € 10.00;

  • reduced single ticket: € 7.00, groups of 6+ people and over 65s;

  • reduced single ticket: € 5.00, students and residents.

Beneficiary categories of free admission:

  • Journalists enrolled in the order after accreditation;

  • Tourist guides duly authorized to practice the profession;

  • Members of ICOM (International Council of Museum);

  • Tourist interpreters when their work is needed alongside the guide, by showing valid  license, issued by the competent authority;

  • Disabled people and invalids recognized by law and a companion;

  • Teachers accompanying students of public or private educational institutions of all levels, regularly booked and authorized by the school head;

  • State and political personalities in official representation.


Press Office 
Emma Averna +39.3482101514

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